MPPFA Leadership Team

You can contact the officers at their email addresses as written next to their names.

2021 – 2022

Executive Board

Balaji Thirugnanam, President (president at
Roopa Malavally, Vice-President, Membership (vp_membership at
Cindy Wang , Vice-President, Fundraising (vp_fundraising at
Henry Liang, Vice-President, Traffic and Safety (vp_safety at
Susan Shu, Treasurer (treasurer at
Corinna Fong, Secretary (secretary at

Jeff Evans, Principal (principal at

Committee Chairs

Coco Chen, Corporate Matching Chair (corpmatch at
Shruti Shrivastava, Technology Committee Chair (technology at
Sangeeta Khandelwal, Wayne Zhao, Emergency Preparedness Committee Chairs(emergprep1 at, emergprep2 at
Deepak Asrani, Facilities Committee Chair (facilities at
Linda Min, Wellness Committee Chair (wellness at
Sarwat Amina, Webmaster (webmaster at
Sureen Chhabra, Grad Nite Committee Chair (gradnite at
OPEN, Grad Nite Treasurer (gradnite_treasurer at
OPEN, Community Awareness Chair (comm_awareness at
Andy Kar, Shruti Shrivastava, Jeffery Clubs, msjtalk Co-Moderators (moderator1 at, moderator2 at, moderator3 at
Jeffery Clubs, Andy Kar, Staff Hospitality Chairs (teacherhospitality1 at, teacherhospitality2 at

Student Representatives

OPEN, Freshman Class (freshman at
Prajit, Sophomore Class (sophomore at
Kaushik Muthukrishnan , Junior Class (junior at
Brooke Zheng , Senior Class (senior at