Parents Advocacy Committee (PAC)


The purpose of this committee is to advocate for and support parents and students in addressing complaints and concerns related to equitable treatment and access to education at Mission San Jose High School. 

The goal of MPPFA PAC is to encourage and foster communication between students, teachers, administrators and community members (parents/family members) to achieve the best possible learning experience for students and to ensure a safe and equitable learning environment at Mission San Jose High School. Our goal is to act as a liaison between students/families and to resolve issues with escalation. 

What We Do

MPPFA PAC aims to empower MSJHS families by providing: 

  • resources and advocacy for students/parents to assist them in addressing unresolved issues related to their child’s educational experience at MSJHS
  • tools and peer support for families engaged in the complaint process with school or district authorities (providing transparency and assistance)
  • a forum for engaging all families and voice their needs or concerns, and challenges
  • Advocacy to streamline and simplify the complaint process with FUSD

Member Code of Conduct

PAC members commit to the following code of conduct:

  1. All information discussed in committee meetings will be kept confidential
  2. Issues raised in the committee will be discussed without inserting personal beliefs, biases, or agendas. Rather, the committee will discuss the best possible strategies for de-escalation, communication, and resolution.
  3. Committee members do not represent legal counsel and will limit their advice  to match their role on this committee.
  4. Committee members will work in pairs to address queries received from students/parents.
  5. Committee members shall excuse themselves from any situation where there is a conflict of interest or personal history that impacts the work of the committee.

Contact Us

You can contact the PAC 2021-22 Committee members at their email addresses as written next to their names.

  • Shubha Kashinath, PAC Chair (pac_chair at
  • Roopa Malavally, PAC Member 1 (pac_member1 at
  • Sylvia So-Yi Wong, PAC Member 2 (pac_member2 at
  • Arunab Saha, PAC Member 3 (pac_member3 at
  • Mona Gokani, PAC Member 4 (pac_member4 at
  • Suli Lin, PAC Member 5 (pac_member5 at

How It Works

If you would like PAC to assist you further, please fill out the PAC simple inquiry form. A PAC Committee member will reach out to you typically within a few days to outline next steps.

The following form is also required in order for PAC to be involved in supporting you: 
MPPFA PAC Parent Agreement (English) | MPPFA PAC Parent Agreement (Chinese) | MPPFA PAC Parent Agreement (Spanish)


This committee does not replace existing channels for student-teacher or parent-administrator communication. The committee will follow the current process for complaints as outlined in FUSD policies ( PAC will be available to support parents and families by providing information and facilitating communication with the school as needed and only upon parent request.