Year End Financial Summary

Mission Possible (the PFA group at MSJHS) has finalized its 2013-2014 school year budget. We would like to thank the 610+ families who have made a donation so far which has enabled us to fund many great projects that will directly benefit ALL students at MSJHS. We always try to spend the bulk of our donations in the same year we receive them so that the current donations improve the school for current students.

If you haven’t made a donation yet it is never too late. We will likely consider a spring round of funding so donations are encouraged throughout the entire school year. Information on how to donate is available at: http://mppfa.org/donate/. Also, if you have already made a donation and your company provides matching please submit your matching request asap so we can potentially double your donation.

We are proud to announce just a sampling of some of our approved projects for this year:

*$10,000 for completion of new lockers for Girls Locker Room in gymnasium (Boys was completed last year)
*About $12k for new technology purchases for classrooms (ipads and computers)
*$9,000 for providing the Peer Resources (peer-to-peer counseling) Class
*$8,000 for Project Lead the Way class tools and equipment
*About $7k for Emergency Preparedness and Safety reserves and purchases
*$6,500 for subsidizing the school copier for all teachers and staff
*$6,500 for Substance Abuse programming ($5k paid from a grant from Prudential)
*$6,000 for landscaping by entrance to parking lot by N Wing
*$5,000 for Smoke Signal Workspace renovation
*$4,600 for campus wide recycling stations
*$4,000 for needed storage for BAND
*$4,000 for books for English classes
*$3,500 for Stressed Out Students (SOS) programs
*$3,000 for plagiarism tool Turnitin.com
*About $2,400 for new cameras and equipment for MSJ TV
*$2,200 for additional new bike racks
*$2,200 for campus beautification and cleanup days
*$2,100 for library projection screen, computer equipment and books
*$2,000 for website maintenance
*$2,000 for Kiln repair and ceramics supplies
*$800 for electronic balances for Chemistry classes
*$500 for refrigerator for science labs

*PFA committee expenses like Hospitality for teachers and staff throughout the year, Publicity and Fundraising and Membership.

*Plus smaller items like document cameras, printers, AP seminars for teachers, classroom supplies, special Ed supplies, and campus supervisor supplies.

As you can see from the list above we fund a BROAD variety of projects. Mission Possible PFA is truly making a meaningful difference at MSJHS for ALL students, teachers, staff and administrators due to the generosity of our MSJHS parent community. Thank you to our donors!

Curious about more specifics for what we are funding this year? Read the full details of our financials and our full year 2013-2014 budget .