Budget for 2012-2013 School Year

We received over $166k in funding requests from teachers and administrators.   Unfortunately, donations are down approximately 25% from last year.  As a result, we were not able to fully fund all requests.  We are estimating approximately $100,000 in member donations will be received this year (compared to $129k received last year).

However, we still have many important projects that we WILL be able to fund. We are also optimistic that parents will continue to donate and/or request corporate matching throughout the year so that we may be able to consider completing a second round of funding in the Spring of 2013.

Several large projects were approved on October 4, 2012. These projects will all happen this school year thanks to our member donations:

  • $26,245 for replacement of 192 lockers in the Girl’s PE locker room
  • $20,000 for hiring of an on-site IT consultant to address computer, network, repair and other IT needs
  • $20,000 for ½ of copier cost for teacher use
  • $12,789 for donations to ALL academic departments for computers, library, special ed, vocational ed, science, languages materials, software for plagiarism, and fine arts materials.
  • $10,500 for a retaining wall near the driveway into the student/teacher parking lot (beautification)
  • $9,000 for funding Peer Resources class
  • $6,000 for Drama (funding new soundboard,10 new wireless mics and digital keyboard)
  • $5,000 for seed funding for new computer lab
  • $3,000 for reserve for expiring food and water emergency supplies
  • $3,000 for technology for storage, synching and charging of 30 new iPads
  • $2,800 for Health & Wellness (S.O.S. stressed out students program)
  • $2,500 for website maintenance
  • $2,000 for AED defibrillator, emergency supplies and port-a-potty near track
  • $1,000 for two new exercise bikes for cardio/weight room
  • $1,000 for Substance Abuse Prevention and Bullying Program
  • $700 for campus safety (signage and reward system for lost items)
  • $600 for Waste Reduction Service Learning Project (SWRLP)
  • $600 for Emergency Training for staff
  • $600 for Copier for Student Use in the library
  • $500 for Hospitality for staff

…Plus several other smaller but important projects that will benefit many students.

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Year End MPPFA Financial Summary for 2012-2013 School Year