MPPFA Scholarship for Class of 2021!

MPPFA is proud to award a $500 college scholarship to five seniors graduating from Mission San Jose High School, who have helped our community.

The deadline is May 10th, 2021. Submit the application to Mrs. Castillou by 3 PM.

Click here to download the Scholarship Application.


  1. Please submit the following with your application:
  1. –A copy of your transcript which includes 7th semester grades (unofficial).
  2. –An essay (500 words maximum)
  3. Prompt: What have you done to make the MSJHS community a better place? Remember, even small changes can have a big impact. Did you contribute to a positive change at school? What steps have you taken to accomplish this? What inspired you to act? What was the outcome? What have you learned from your effort?
  4. –The Summary of Activities form (see page 2 of this application)–One letter of recommendation from an unrelated adult who can attest to your character (i.e., counselor, employer, teacher, minister, leader, coach); Recommender must sent letter to Mrs. Castillou @
  5. –A copy of an acceptance letter and proof of intent to enroll from a college, university or trade/technical school will be required to receive any award. Funds will be sent directly to your college registrar at the start of your 2020 school year upon receipt of enrollment documentation
  1. Applicant must be graduating from MSJ High School in June 2021.
  1. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  1. Children of MPFFA Executive Board or of this scholarship committee are ineligible to apply.
  1. Award recipients will be announced at the end of the year MPPFA general meeting. Award recipients will be invited to attend.
  1. The MPPFA Scholarship Committee comprises school staff and MSJ parents. The decisions of the committee are final.

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Castillou via email @