Where did your money go in 2018-2019?

Where will your money go? Through your generous contributions, MPPFA roughly raised $120K last school year. Your donations enabled many purchases and improvements at the school. Here is a short summary of donations spending:

$34K to be spent in various programs to support student wellness, such as Social Event, Open Expo, AP tests, Emergency Preparations, CPR trainings, etc.
$31K in education – purchase textbooks, science class workbooks, lab materials and equipment, ceramic class equipment and class materials for special education department, etc.
$25K in technology – purchase document cameras, projectors and Chrome books used in classroom, career center and equipment for Smoke Signal, etc.
$25K in facility – furniture for Leadership class and N-Wing open area, security cameras, campus lighting and security gates, campus landscapes, long bed shuttle cart, speaker system, and more!

We look forward to your donations. Our suggested amount is $250 per student but any and all amounts are appreciated! Our goal is to have 100% of families contribute at some level. Also please read the “Easy Money” Partner program info on our website.