Scrip Gift Cards and Certificates

Scrip is fundraising while you shop®. Purchase gift cards and prepaid cards to pay for your everyday expenses like food, clothing, entertainment and travel. For every dollar of scrip you purchase, our school will earn a percentage back in revenue.

Scrip gift cards make excellent holiday and birthday gifts. Hundreds of vendors across the United States participate in this program.

When is scrip ordered?

  • At the beginning of a new school year (Order form due date 09/30)
  • Late October and Mid-November for the holidays (Order form due dates 10/31 & 12/5)
  • Early February before Valentine’s Day (Order form due date 1/31)
  • Late spring before the end of the school year (Order form due dates 3/31, and 5/22)
  • OR anytime when there are $1,000 or more in orders

Ordering Scrip

Step 1: Decide which set of vendors you want your Scrip card for.

Option 1: Scrip order form supports all vendors except Marina Food and 99 Ranch Market. Contact the MPPFA VP Fundraising for additional vendor information.

Option 2: Marina Food & 99 Ranch Market

Step 2: Place your order

A check is required before your order can be processed. Sorry, no refunds.

Option A:

Email your order to MPPFA VP Fundraising

Mail or drop off your check using Option B or C below

Option B:

You or your student can drop off your order/check in the Mission Possible Mailbox. Checks payable to Mission Possible PFA.

Mailbox Location: Enter MSJHS Main Office through the back door at the top of the steps. Mailboxes are to your right. Mission Possible’s mailbox is in the first row of mailboxes on your right, directly across from the campus security desk. If you are lost, please ask for help.

Option C:

Mail your order/check to:

Mission Possible PFA
Attn: MPPFA VP Fundraising
41717 Palm Avenue
Fremont, CA 94539

Step 3: Email the MPPFA VP Fundraising to let them know there is a scrip order or check waiting to be picked up at school.

Step 4: Our scrip team will contact you and arrange a time to meet when your scrip is available for pickup.


A picture ID (Student ID or Driver License) is required for ALL pickups including by adults.

As Scrip buyer, you assume all responsibilities and acknowledge that any lost Scrip orders cannot be canceled or tracked. Also you understand and agree that Mission Possible PFA and Mission San Jose High School will not be able to replace or reimburse for any lost Scrip orders once your acceptance of Scrip orders is finished.

If you would like your Student to help with Scrip order pickup, please complete a Student Scrip Pickup Authorization form in advance and submit it with your order.

Thank you for your continued support!

MPPFA VP Fundraising
Mission Possible PFA